About this web app

Description: This web app is meant to be used internally into companies to track the issues raised for each project.

Used technologies: PHP(OOP, PDO), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS

2. Dashboard page

After authentication the app will display the dashboard page which shows different data based on what type of user is logged in.

Part of the menu is te same for all the users, but the administrators have 2 extra options: Users and Projects. So, the menu looks like this:

  • Dashboard
  • Profile - displays own profile details
  • My Projects - displays the projects the user is assigned on
  • My Tickets - displays the tickets the user is assigned on


  • Users - the administrator can see all the users and can add/edit/delete them
  • Projects - the administrator can see all the projects and can add/edit/delete them

Dashboard as administrator displays the statistics for all the projects and all the tickets at one moment.

Dashboard as standard user displays the statistics for the projects and the tickets user is assigned on.

The Users menu displays all the users and an Add New User button.

Clicking on each user it will be displayed the user's details.

The Projects page displays all the projects and a button to add a new project. Clicking on each project it will be displayed the project's page which contains data about the tickets for that project, the assigned users on that project, the active users who could be assigned on that project, the project's details and on the bottom of the page there is a section where the closed tickets are displayed.

There are two sections ( Assigned users and Active users ) which allow the administrator to assign and unassign users on the project. To assign a user the admin needs to press button and to unassign the user, to press button.

The Tickets section displays all the tickets created on that project and having the statuses OPEN and IN PROGRESS. Creating a new ticket is available by pressing New Ticket. The admins can create new tickets on all the projects, but the standard users only on the projects they are assigned on. Also, the standard users can start/close, edit and delete their own tickets only.

The ticket actions available are the following:

  • - START ticket. This means the user is starting to work on that issue. The ticket status goes from OPEN to IN PROGRESS and the ticket's background colour in the tickets table goes to green. This action can be done only by the user assigned on that ticket.
  • - CLOSE ticket. This means the work on the issue is finished and it will be displayed a page to fill in details about the work was done. This action can be done only by the user assigned on that ticket. After that the ticket disappears from the table and goes on the bottom of the page in the "Closed Tickets" table. The tickets which are already closed can be re-opened by editing the status from CLOSED to OPEN or IN PROGRESS.
  • - VIEW ticket. This action displays a page where the user only sees the ticket's details.
  • - EDIT ticket. This is where the ticket's details can be changed. This action can be done only by the user assigned on that ticket.
  • - DELETE ticket. This action deletes the ticket from the database and it is available only to the admins and to the assigned user.